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Sound and innovative asset management for professional & retail investors.

Bellecapital UK is a wealth management company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our advisors, financial market specialists and asset managers have many years of professional experience in their respective special fields.

Trade advisory and execution business.

We have highly experienced execution professionals who deliver optimal execution, expertise in listed derivatives, equities, fixed income, FX & commodities, global institutional futures & options execution services and trade idea generation.

Investment Philosophy

Direct investors with a long-term investment horizon.

We are direct investors and operate free of benchmarks to optimize risk management and a long-term investment approach.

We are direct investors and operate free of benchmarks to optimize risk management and a long-term investment approach.

Direct investments

We invest directly in equities, bonds, commodities and specific ETFs where warranted. This allows us to implement our strategy in a precise and cost efficient way while avoiding unpredictable operational risks for our clients.

Free of benchmarks

We are performance oriented in an absolute and not relative sense and are therefore not geared towards industry “benchmarks”. This allows us to decisively reduce our portfolio risk where necessary to protect long-term performance.

Decisive implementation of investment strategy

Market inefficiencies do exist and can be identified through sound analyses. Early detection of global, regional and local trends leads us to our sustained and investable themes.

Focus on the long-term

Our personal relationship with the client is characterized by professionalism and continuity. The clients and their individual requirements are pivotal to us. We do not act on our own authority but carefully define the investment strategy and its implementation together with the client. Full transparency is provided with regard to the cost structure and the investments made. Capital preservation is as important to us as capital enhancement. Thus, we cannot imagine asset management without an adequate and independent risk management, based on careful diversification and determined action.


Our personal relationship with the client is characterized by professionalism and continuity.


Our personal relationship with the client is characterized by professionalism and continuity.

Investment Process

A structured process with economic cycles at its core.

Three factors are crucial for the creation of added-value in a portfolio: macro economic analyses, security selection and market timing.

Investment Process


We combine “top down” with a “bottom up” investment selection and profound convictions which are reflected in our investment themes. We take great care to benefit from diversification on all levels: countries, industries, company size, long-term themes as well as short-term opportunities.

Macroeconomic Analysis (Top-Down)

Dr. Martin Jetzer leads our investment process. The macroeconomic analysis is based on long-term economic cycles and is condensed into specific investment themes by combining regions, sectors and styles.

Creative Chaos

In addition to our macro-driven approach, we are always on the lookout for interesting companies with unique profiles. To this end, our professionals are in constant contact with industry experts, company analysts and investors around the globe.

Defining & Screening (Bottom up)

Once investment themes have been defined, we will screen the best fitting securities from a bottom-up perspective. Our bottom-up analysis is based on qualitative and quantitative models. Our aim is to pick the best single securities that match our investment themes.

Portfolio Management

Before being implemented into the portfolio, each stock must have a fully formulated investment case. We constantly monitor the portfolios’ development, optimize allocations, hedge unwanted risks and shift single positions.

Bellecapital Portfolio

We have decided views on market trends reflected in our asset allocation and comprising the following asset classes: liquidity, equities, bonds, commodities and currencies.

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News & Publications

Our voice in the press.

News & Publications

Our voice in the press.

Swiss asset boutique hires trio for UK growth after Investec deal

January 2016
Swiss asset manager Bellecapital is expanding its London business after an agreement to acquire Williams de Broë’s Private Investment Management arm from Investec Wealth & Investment.

Former Morgan Stanley wealth head joins Swiss asset manager as it opens in London

June 2015
Bellecapital, a Swiss asset management company, is opening an office in London aimed at wealthy individuals, families and endowments.

The firm, which has around $2.7 billion under management, mostly in discretionary accounts, has appointed David Haythe, the former head of Private Wealth Management Europe at Morgan Stanley in London, to its board of directors as it continues to plan global expansion.

Swiss wealth manager plans to set up shop in London

September 2014
Bellecapital, a Swiss private asset management company providing global investment management services to wealthy individuals, families and endowments and run by former HSBC-Guyerzeller and Barclays people, plans to open a London operation shortly.

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